16 Nov 2013

Berlin Underground Tour

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If you are planning on visiting this city, Big City Hostel is always here to ensure you can get Cheap Accommodation in Berlin without any stress, and we’re always there to give you information about what to check out in the city. So the next time you are visiting Berlin, make sure you take the time to check out the Berlin Underground, or the Berliner Unterwelten Tour, because it’s one of the most fascinating tours in the city.

It’s not an overly well known fact, but over 40% of structures in Berlin have been developed underground, and that is a hellova lot of underground. Utilised for purposes from simple bomb shelters and food storage areas, to accommodation, subversion and escape from Communism throughout the Cold War, some of the tunnels have a fascinating history, and their usage has been well documented over the years. Especially since the collapse of the DDR and the fall of the wall, much of this underground has been opened to the public, and the average person can now check out the fantastic history that has been uncovered. Throughout the entirety of the underground Subway System, there lies a massive network of tunnels, bunkers, shelters, interconnecting gangways, medical facilities, and pretty much everything one can imagine that may have been needed during the Soviet Occupation. So as you can imagine, discovering this treasure trove of history can be both highly educational and thrilling to experience.

If you need Cheap Accommodation or a Cheap Hostel in Berlin in order to check out some of its absolutely fascinating history, then look no further than Big City Hostel. We’ve got great prices, and extremely good public transport connections to some of the city’s most fascinating and beautiful historical areas, including a direct line to Friedrichstraße which is directly by Brandenburger Tor, and Gesundbrunnen which houses the Berliner Unterwelten Tour: www.berliner-unterwelten.de . At Big City Hostel Berlin, our staff are always ready to help you out with insider tips about what to do, or where to go in the city, and the relaxed and friendly hostel atmosphere designed to help you feel at home… So feel free to contact us at any time.

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