25 Jan 2014

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin

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A lot of the magic in Berlin lies in it’s extremely impressive history, and at Big City Hostel Berlin, we can point you in the right direction so you can experience that history, while availing of our Cheap Berlin Hostel prices. One of the biggest and best Museums in the city is the Alte Nationalgalerie which is situated on Museum Insel in Berlin Mitte, a short hop from Big City Hostel Berlin when using the public transport directly in front of our Berlin Hostel. This makes it extremely easy to visit one of the city’s most historical districts, and the extremely important Alte Nationalgalerie.

This extremely impressive Museum, both architecturally and content wise, presents a collection of art from the 19th Century, spanning the period between the French Revolution and the First World War , and showcasing classicism to separatism. Developed under the direction of Heinrich Strack after plans by August Stiller gallery 1867-1876 the building houses one of the finest collections of paintings and sculptures from this century. So if you manage to visit this museum during your trip to Berlin, you will assuredly experience a unique insight into the art and architecture of the 19th Century.

Some highlights of the collection include the famous sculpture “ Two Princesses “ , a statue showing the Princesses Luise and Friederike, and Adolph von Menzel’s famous work “ The Balcony Room “ of 1845. The exhibition also features other masterpieces by Adolph von Menzel, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Auguste Rodin, Anselm Feuerbach , Auguste Renoir, Caspar David Friedrich,  Arnold Böcklin, Hans von Marées , Max Liebermann and Lovis Corinth, which are sure to impress. However, don’t forget your wallet, as this member of the five Museums which constitute Museum Island costs 8 euros for adults.

At our Berlin Hostel, we stock maps, travel cards, tourist information fliers, and myriad of helpful ideas to help you enjoy your trip to Berlin. Just ask one of our friendly members of staff. We’ve got quality accommodation at cheap hostel prices, which makes it even easier to enjoy your trips to the historical center of Berlin. So get in touch with us at Big City Hostel Berlin, we’re available around the clock to give you the information you the information you need about booking your Cheap Berlin Hostel.

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