27 Jan 2014

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

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At Big City Hostel Berlin, we know the best tourist attractions you need to visit on your trip to this bustling metropolis. Our Cheap Hostel is mere minutes from the center of the city, especially with the numerous public transportation options directly outside our front door. One of the finest experiences you may have, will be to simply take the U6 to Friedrichstraße and walk to the dominant and beautifully designed Brandenburg Gate. This is just one of many economical options available during your stay at our lovely and Cheap Berlin Hostel.

The Brandenburg Gate is a beautiful and domineering architechtural site to behold. Straddling Pariser Platz and the space between the French, EU, and American Embassys, this last remaining of the Berlin city gates was built from 1788 to 1791 using plans created by Carl Gotthard Langhans. Modelled on the Propylaeum of Athens Acropolis, on either side of the Gate, there are 6 colums which seperate the gate into five passages. In 1793, a quadriga was placed atop, which after a brief stint in Paris after being stolen by Napoleons forces, returned to its home after the Prussians overran Paris.

A must see for any tourist,  the Brandenburg Gate has come to symbolise German unity since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, and you can view this specticle, and many others after a meet 20 minute commute and walk through beautiful surroundings from our Berlin Hostel.

At Big City Hostel Berlin, don’t let our Cheap Accomodation prices fool you.. We provide comfortable, clean, and safe surroundings with friednly staff, for knock down prices. We are always there to answer your questions about Cheap Accomodation, Berlin Sights, or anythhing you might need to be informed about. So don’t hesitate to contact our staff at our Berlin Hostel. Get in touch now.

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