13 Nov 2013

Berlin Christmas Market

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Here at Big City Hostel Berlin, we’ve been noticing that time is quickly sliding towards one of our favorite periods of the year, the beloved Berlin Christmas Market season… A tradition that draws visitors from far and near, lusting to sample the delectable calorie laden delights that adorn every cute hut and stand. Not to mention taking the time to browse through the multitudes of beautiful homemade and locally sourced Xmas clothing and decorative items. Surrounded by roasted nuts, Glühwein, cinnamon and chocolate flavored munchies, and a myriad different meats, burgers, Würstchen, and not to mention the traditional music, it’s no surprise this tradition has become such a draw for tourists. However, if you are travelling to the city, and want to experience a Berlin Christmas Market like a local while saving money on a Cheap Hostel in Berlin, then at Big City Hostel, we’ve got some inside info for you.

Everybody knows the Christmas Markets in Mitte are tourist traps, and if one hasn’t already assumed such a position in relation to this topic, then they probably don’t know any better. In Alexanderplatz, Unter den Linden, and Potzdamer Platz, one can find daily markets with regular open hours and attractions for all the family. They provide absolutely beautiful settings with some of Berlins most famous attractions acting as the backdrop to your Glühwein tasting session, and everything you would expect, including a large carnival in Alexanderplatz/Jannowitzbrücke. So should you want a beautiful view of Berlin Mitte without forking out the rates for climbing the TV Tower, check out one of the main attractions in the carnival, the Big Wheel.

However, throughout Berlins Berzirks, there are regular local markets, with real Berliners, real local produce, real live music, and real prices! One of the most famous of these Berlin Christmas Markets is not far from Big City Hostel, in Neuköllns Richardplatz, so you will be able to get a Cheap Hostel in Berlin, whilst experiencing these wonderful traditions like a local. You will be able to sample the honest atmosphere of this long-standing and beautiful tradition, and support the local charities and businesses with your purchases. You can check out a calendar of Christmas Market dates in Berlin here: www.weihnachteninberlin.de/weihnachtsmaerkte and ensure you don’t miss out on any of the action. Just remember, if you want to ensure you get the local experience, then avoid the areas that are general tourist attractions.

Berlins Big City Hostel is a great place for Cheap Accommodation in Berlin, should you want to check out any of the multitude of Markets in Neukölln or Templehof/Schöneberg, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve got economical prices without the Cheap Hostel feel, and our staff are always available to help you settle in, or find the easiest way to that Christmas Market you’ve been dying to check out. At Big City Hostel Berlin, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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