Sylvester // New Years Eve in Berlin – Brandenburger Tor

At Big City Hostel Berlin, we are beginning to get very excited about the looming New Years Eve in Berlin experience that is about to be once again dropped in our laps. New Years Eve in Berlin, or as the locals call it ‚Sylvester‘, is one of those unforgettable parties in the city, and at.. weiter →

Berliner Fernsehturm / Berlin TV Tower

Probably the most iconic object in Berlin, and most definitely the most obvious on the skyline, and it doesn’t matter if it’s dressed like a football, or covered in love notes, the Berlin TV Tower is a truly beautiful and fascinating object. Visible from almost any region of the city, the sphere hangs in the.. weiter →

Berlin Christmas Market

Here at Big City Hostel Berlin, we’ve been noticing that time is quickly sliding towards one of our favorite periods of the year, the beloved Berlin Christmas Market season… A tradition that draws visitors from far and near, lusting to sample the delectable calorie laden delights that adorn every cute hut and stand. Not to mention.. weiter →