02 Dez 2013

Berliner Fernsehturm / Berlin TV Tower

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Probably the most iconic object in Berlin, and most definitely the most obvious on the skyline, and it doesn’t matter if it’s dressed like a football, or covered in love notes, the Berlin TV Tower is a truly beautiful and fascinating object. Visible from almost any region of the city, the sphere hangs in the air like a giant disco ball, beckoning to visitors to check it out, and it wouldn’t be a real tourist trip to Berlin without doing just that. At Big City Hostel, we’re only a short commute from Mitte and the Berliner Fernsehturm, so you can get Cheap Hostel Accommodation in comfortable surroundings, and still easily access the best parts of Berlin through the city’s extremely impressive and reliable public transportation system.

Once you hit Alexanderplatz, you will notice how large the tower is. At 368m, it is the tallest freestanding tower in the European Union, and boasts a panoramic view at a height of 203 meters, which towers over the rest of the relatively low rise city. Should you decide to queue and purchase tickets, you can expect to wait a substantial length of time, however, the view is most definitely worth it. Berlin City looks amazing from that height, and should you decide to reserve a table at the rotating restaurant on the deck below, you will not miss out on any of the viewing action, as the sphere rotates twice per hour. However, even if you decide not to partake in the scaling of the concrete monster, you can simply admire it’s 1960s Sputnik-esque design, and it’s contrast to some of Berlins older Churches and other DDR architecture in Alexanderplatz. www.tv-turm.de

While your trip to the Berliner Fernsehturm or Berlin TV Tower might be an expensive experience (they really milk the tourist angle tbh), you know you can save with Big City Hostel Berlin and our Cheap Hostel prices. We’ve got a multitude of Cheap Accommodation options for you to choose from, and our friendly and relaxed environment is perfect for the weary traveller. All of our staff at Big City Hostel are ready to help you with any inquiries you may have, or any information you may need, so don’t hesitate to ask. Even with our ow prices, we don’t offer a cheap hostel experience.

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