17 Dez 2013

Sylvester // New Years Eve in Berlin – Brandenburger Tor

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At Big City Hostel Berlin, we are beginning to get very excited about the looming New Years Eve in Berlin experience that is about to be once again dropped in our laps. New Years Eve in Berlin, or as the locals call it ‚Sylvester‘, is one of those unforgettable parties in the city, and at Big City Hostel Berlin, we are here to ensure you get to enjoy the celebrations whilst having the most relaxed Berlin Hostel experience available… And to make things even better that just Cheap Hostel prices… We’ve got direct public transport access to one of the biggest New Years Eve parties in the world. The countdown at Brandenburger Tor in Berlin Mitte, which is not just an event, it’s an experience you can share with countless individuals, and hence, will never forget.

The NYE countdown at Brandenburger Tor Berlin is home to approximately one million revelling spectators, ringing in the new year with style, directly in front of one of Europe’s most infamous attractions. Directly behind the Brandenburger Tor for almost two kilometres, there will be a plethora of Music Stages, Bars, Giant Screens, and writhing spectators, jumping out of their skin with excitement. With the party going strong from the previous day, kicking off on the 30th of December at approx. 14:00, don’t be surprised to see some insane spectacles, with world class light shows and fireworks displays breaking up large swathes of Dj sets and Band performances, while world famous German Beer flows freely… Just make sure to dress warmly.

Something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime, the New Years Eve celebrations at Brandenburger Tor Berlin is a globally unique and special event, and at Big City Hostel Berlin, we can help you live it. Our Cheap Hostel prices are designed to ensure you get the best out of your Berlin experience, without breaking the bank… And even with Cheap Hostel prices, we still guarantee a top notch service in beautiful and comfortable surroundings, with friendly and accommodating staff who will help you in any way necessary. This way, we at Big City Hostel Berlin do our utmost to ensure you experience the very best New Years Eve in Berlin that you possibly can.


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