Berlin Christmas Market

Here at Big City Hostel Berlin, we’ve been noticing that time is quickly sliding towards one of our favorite periods of the year, the beloved Berlin Christmas Market season… A tradition that draws visitors from far and near, lusting to sample the delectable calorie laden delights that adorn every cute hut and stand. Not to mention.. weiter →

Berlin International Short Film Festival

It’s once again that time of the year, that week-long period where Movie pundits, fans of the creative arts, and just plain old Movie Lovers converge on Berlin for the Berlin International Short Film festival. A permanent fixture in the Berlin Scene since 1982, the International Short Film Festival is the most significant in the.. weiter →

Bermuda Berlin Music Days

If there is one thing that Berlin has got, it’s an over abundance of top quality music, and especially electronic music… And that’s even on your average Tuesday night hanging around the south east of the city. However, to add to said over abundance, every month a global music festival takes hold in the city.. weiter →